Kentico CMS Utility for Improved Site Performance

You may have perceived that when a Kentico site is sent on to a server, when we scan the site pages surprisingly, it takes much time to load the pages. When it is stored at server side, then the execution of pages progresses.


The answer for evade the above issue would be; on the off chance that we can visit all the pages with-in the site then server side store will be produced and execution of the pages will progress. If we have a couple of number of pages we can do it effectively. At the same time, in the event that we have huge number of pages then going to all the pages may turn into a troublesome errand for the customer. With a specific end goal to evade this sort of issues we have to computerize the meeting of all pages utilizing a project/device.

We have made a Cmsutility project/instrument to visit all the pages with-in the site utilizing casperjs.

Casperjs is an open source route scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for the Phantomjs Webkit headless program and Slimerjs (Gecko). It facilitates the procedure of characterizing a full route situation and gives helpful abnormal state capacities, systems & syntactic sugar for doing regular errands, for example,

Characterizing & requesting searching route steps

Filling & submitting structures

Clicking & taking after connections

Catching screenshots of a page (or piece of it)

Testing remote DOM

Logging occasions

Downloading assets, including double ones

Composing practical test suites, sparing results as Junit XML

Scratching Web substance


Use casperjs to peruse the sitemap.xml of the site. casperjs runs on the Phantomjs environment.

For each one page recorded in the sitemap.xml, do a GET demand for the page.

This will make the server reserve the page for speedier reaction for ensuing appeals.

The instrument will keep up a log for all the pages with-in the site.

The instrument would keep up a log of the pages went to and its status including reponse time, in the nearby catalog where the device is run from. Illustration:

Surprisingly it took 10.54s to load the page.

We’ve scanned the site and it stored at server side. After server side reserving it took 4.31s to load the page.

After program storing it took 1.26s to load the page to load the page.

In the wake of Running Utility instrument/program it took 4.32s.

After program storing it took 824ms to load the site.


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