Outline on MS Dynamics CRM

Unlike other CRM, MS Dynamics CRM is the most effective tool in sales productivity as well as helping in marketing prospective. This CRM with a combination of various aspects, It provides social insights, managing the campaigns and also regarding the intelligence of business. As this tool organizes most of the things automatically. It reduces the manual work and also in terms of cost. With this effective automation work the customer feel so secured in respect to sales, marketing and customer service fields.

One can expect the 100% ROI in marketing and sales force automation process. Apart from it, Dynamics CRM mobile app helps customers to manage the business from their mobile devices. The app helps in accessing the integrated data and supports social media reporting directly into your CRM application

How big your business might be, Dynamics CRM gives you a competitive edge. As Dynamics CRM comes in different editions, depending on your needs and resources, you can choose the one which fulfill your needs.

The latest version of Dynamics CRM is now more user friendly with exclusive features. New features are listed below.

Latest Features of Dynamics CRM

  • No more navigation pane
  • It just requires a click or tap to contact your customers.
  • The New Dashboard is so flexible, where you can manage you accounts, leads, accounts and opportunities from it.
  • With few taps you can enter any of your customer data.
  • Communicate with your contacts using Skype.
  • The new tiles pinned to the dashboard provide information at a glance.
  • Cortana integration.

Coming to enhancements of Dynamics CRM:

  1. Mobile Sales Enhancement
  2. CRM Outlook Improvement
  3. Security Enhancements
  4. Improvement in Business Process
  5. Business Rules Enhancement
  6. Voice Command to access CRM
  7. Search Engine Modification

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