Different Types of CMS and their Advantages

Before picking a CMS first you need to have fundamental adapting on CMS and various sorts of Content Management skeletons. Thusly, that you may pick the specific case that suits your essential. On the off chance that you have never utilized a CMS site earlier then you emphatically need to give an endeavor with a couple of CMS that you are versatile with. You should furthermore consider that not all CMS can run in every server. Dependent upon the Content Management System you need to pick the server. While using Windows server you can pick Umbraco and in the event that you are utilizing a Linux based server then you oblige a CMS like Drupal.

In case you are hunting down a site with asp.net then windows server is most best while Linux servers run PHP site best. Notwithstanding the way that there is probability of substance organization skeletons to navigate beginning with one server then onto the following anyway we can’t expect all the contrivances would be working in it. All substance organization structures have an in a far-reaching way the same system for calling the code onto the base HTML page. Where they complexity is the way by which they are created, you should find one that you are satisfactory with and how the backend code runs in case you are hunting to make down the CMS. The more you have the limit play around with the backend code the more you will have the ability to make the CMS do, either that or you will be running on diverse society modules and plugins that may do what you are hunting down yet not 100%.

WordPress :-
Wordpress was begun off as an individual/Personal web diary CMS, which has truly taken off and get to be to a more essential degree a CMS device and besides a persuading blogging gadget. We can say that WordPress is a wonderful among the most commended CMS online at this moment. An extensive number of people are using wordpress and has a psyche boggling degree of plugins and is in like way simple to convey for and hurl a shrewd and clear site. It is a not very terrible CMS in the event that you need to excursion a fast and clear website page with an online journal and a couple of pages.

Drupal :-
In case you have figuring out how to use Drupal then it could be convincing Cms.tthere are a broad mixture of free modules that you can use to help rapidly update the site. I would say that it is an all the more all around CMS and can oversee things like ecommerce better than WordPress .

Magento :-
Magento is an Ecommerce CMS. It is created to handle ecommerce and it does it absolutely well. In case you are chasing down an enormous ecommerce site that you have to can control how every one page will restrict and what sort of arrangement each one page may have then, this is the CMS for you. It is phenomenal for ecommerce web plan.

Umbraco – The ASP CMS :-

This has an equivalent kind of vitality to Drupal and Joomla, it can be significantly adaptable and utilized for a sweeping blended sack of regions and web plans. This will plainly run best on a windows server.

Kentico :-

Kentico is one of the skilled CMS generally used for gigantic substance organization locales. It holds unprecedented contrivances like E-business courses of action, Intranet, Solid Security, Internet advancing gadgets and many individuals more. It goes with more than 70 Modules moreover 400 Configurable web parts

Sitecore :-

This is an endeavor level CMS focused around Asp.net stage. It has eccentricities like Social Integration, E-Commerce and quite a few people more. Heading overall relationship like Nestle, Canon, Toshiba are using Sitecore CMS

What I would propose is discovering one that you decidedly like and stick with it. It is better to be not very terrible with one and know all that it can do as opposed to have light information . I would say that in the event that you don’t pick WordPress as the crucial CMS it is important having a light cleaning of learning of this CMS so you know how the essentials limit and how it is produced as there is a charge risk that you will run in abundance of one of these regions sooner or later.



Just Few months back Kentico 8 is released, and all the more as of late 8.1, and we’ve now had the delight of utilizing it to assemble various locales. The new form presents an immense number of new peculiarities and changes, which help engineers, content heads, and end clients. The impression on kentico is as follows

Major UI Redesign

In the years we’ve been utilizing Kentico, the User Interface has experienced a steady advancement. The progressions have basically been nonessential however – upgraded shade plans, symbols, and minor changes to where you would discover things.

In Kentico 8, they have totally updated the interface starting from the earliest stage. Kentico set up together a committed UX group and took a gander at each part of the interface. They likewise counseled nearly with a large number of their usage accomplices, (for example, Get Started), and opened up their work in advancement to the group at occasions, for example, Kentico Connection in Sydney.

For designers and overseers, one of the real contrasts is that there is no more a refinement between CMS Desk or Site Manager! There is one “administrator” region, which covers all that you could need, and just changes what is accessible relying upon your level of access.

A couple of real transforms you’ll perceive immediately, and that we’ve found have made our lives much simpler in Kentico 8, are recorded here.

The Application List

This is an enormous change! Rather than tabs, strips and toolbars crossing the highest point of the screen, there is a drawer that opens from the left, with each module, or “application”, you could need to get to. You can essentially open the drawer (hit F12) and begin writing what you need, and it quickly channels your alternatives down to match, truly like writing on the Start menu or Start screen in Windows 8.

Relevant Help

Nobody prefers looking through documentation. In Kentico 8, the help choices displayed to you on each one screen in the organization comfort are “context oriented”, importance they change and adjust to just present to you the help that you are prone to need on that page. Case in point, while altering a page, the help menu contains alternatives, for example, “make new pages”, “alter new pages” and “work with the content manager”. In case you’re altering a bulletin, you’ll recognize the help menu has changed to incorporate alternatives, for example, “oversee pamphlet supporters”, “track bulletin messages” and “A/B test bulletin issues”.

New Forms Module

This is one case of a colossal change, tending to something that was sincerely a bit cumbersome in prior adaptations (sorry fellows!). It was honestly a compelling device, however it appeared as though it was manufactured by software engineers, for developers.

In Kentico 8, making structures, for example, a Contact Us structure, is dead simple. Gone are the database-table-manager style screens – they’ve made a genuinely visual, move and customize interface to make and alter structures presently. For the devs out there, we’ve observed that they at last provide for you better alternatives to clean up that terrible table-based produced HTML format as well.

Kentico EMS Improvements

Kentico EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution) keeps on improving by a wide margin in Kentico 8.

Division/profiling of your clients is made much simpler utilizing User Personas. For instance, you may make a Persona that speaks to a run of the mill illustrative of one of your client gatherings, for example, “Ted”, who is a 18-30 year old male, intrigued by profoundly specialized substance. This makes it more straightforward to customize the substance on your site, and as opposed to making complex standards for where and when things ought to be demonstrated or not demonstrated to, you simply say “if this individual matches Ted, reveal to them this substance”.

There are a pack of different EMS changes, including customer side movement following (like Google Analytics), enhancements to A/B testing, and that’s just the beginning. In case you’re into the EMS, I’d very prescribe looking at Adam Griffith’s presentation on Improving the Customer Experience with Kentico EMS.

Sitecore : Ideal CMS for Marketers:-

Sitecore is one of the main undertaking level substance administration frameworks based on Asp.net, empowering web content editors and advertisers to have full control over all parts of their site from social coordination and blog entries to cutting edge personalization, e-business and that’s just the beginning. Dispatched in 2001, Sitecore has utilized the .NET stage from the earliest starting point of the dialect itself, and has been developing in prevalence throughout the last few years. Right now on its seventh significant variant, it now runs on .NET 2.0/4.0, and the center has been changed sans preparation to exploit the upgrades made in Asp.net 4.5.

The Sitecore CMS is at the heart of all Site core-fueled sites. Having exploited the adaptability, versatility and security of the .NET structure its an undertaking top choice, utilized by leading worldwide associations, for example, Experian, Toshiba, Canon and Nestlé. The CMS consolidates a capable desktop interface that is controlled by a completely customizable part based framework. This desktop is fundamentally the same in look and feel to a Windows desktop, which makes it simple for clients new to Sitecore to get and take in the framework. Like Windows, there are likewise different applications went for particular errands, for example, altering substance, overseeing clients, checking battles, setting up work processes, and so on

Sitecore CMS is designed using 3 databases and one application.-

  • Core Data Base
  • Master Database
  • Web Data base

Core Database:-

The core database is utilized by Sitecore to oversee members, handle framework settings and hold the whole design for all applications in the CMS

Expert database:-

The expert database is the place all the substance supervisor work is carried out. At whatever point another bit of substance is made, altered or erased it is put away here, incorporating those in sneak peak mode. The expert database can have work process empowered and tweaked, so areas of the site can be secured to specific parts, or made to experience an approver or interpreter before they go live.

Web database

The web database is the place the live substance for the web application is placed. It varies from the expert database in that it doesn’t contain anything in review mode and just stores the most recent live form of everything. At the point when a substance editorial manager distributes some substance it is then replicated from the expert database to the web database.

In a generation environment just the web and center database are then facilitated in the SQL server example on the nature. This implies that the CMS is occupied from people in general site, making the application more secure. On a calendar these databases are repeated utilizing SQL replication from the composing environment out to the earth.

Sales / Service : : It Is Time You Invest In CRM For Your Small Business

Microsoft may be the world’s biggest organization and is also famous for the user-friendly software’s and applications . With the passage of your energy, Technology is evolving combined with the needs of men and women with regards to family and business life. From time to time Microsoft takes a stride further and introduces something totally new inside the technological target ease the complications of business and professional life.

Microsoft dynamics supply chain Management can be a product which in concert with the Microsoft system, which already exists. It allows the business to obtain additional value because of their investment in Microsoft products and technology. This element could be the important tool required to master every single link in supply chain. The links include automating production planning, maintaining optimal inventory levels, expediting shipping, streamlining order processing as well as managing expansion into various new markets. Micro dynamic is utilized for business management solution. It helps employees and organizations to make better, faster and smarter by supplying them flexibility to adapt to various new opportunities and growth. This is fully integrated solutions including customer relationship management , financial management , inventory and warehouse management , manufacturing , business analytics , service management and employee portal .

Some options that come with Microsoft dynamics CRM helps to be a highly effective tool for fruitful and productive customer relationship management. It provides very tight integration with Microsoft products and MS office; this provides it simplicity, familiar navigation and buyer experience. It provides advanced business intelligence tools for example advanced real-time dashboards that may be found in individual and shared mode for more insights. Its flexibility allows gamers to produce personalized job by creating default pane and tab which opens whenever CRM is opened online. Creation of role based forms enhances safety measures so it helps the workers in accessing the kind of information quickly rather than searching their required data from amount of records and fields. Customization and integration was easy in Microsoft dynamics CRM which was enhanced through providing facilities of importing customized solutions already produced by other users or vendors.

Streamlining the data concerning the customers and optimizing the service process, Microsoft CRM architecture takes enterprise to the correct direction. Supporting CRM services as many years, Microsoft recently released its latest offerings, including a variety of improvements for instance a next generation native Microsoft Outlook client and Microsoft Office contextual CRM Ribbon for Office navigation. Moreover, in addition, it includes buyer experience, role-tailored design and user personalization.

Advanced Features of Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS  is web content management system to build website and online stores. It is a fastest growing technology in the world. It runs using following Platforms ASP.Net and My Sql. Roughly around 90 countries are using this CMS and more than 18k website are built using this software. The exclusive features of this software are dragging the attention of the online / Digital marketers. It comes with Web Analytics Metrics, Email Marketing, A/B Testing Module, Automation Marketing, Content Personalization ( Displaying the required content for the right person in specified time), Contact management and much more. Kentico is a unique solution to build all types of websites like Blogs, Forums, E-Commerce sites, Micro site, Mobile Site, Online Community, portals etc., Using kentico you could build up the website in your desired language and also content can be translated in to any languages. So, your website can entertain visitors from all over the world.

Now you could no longer wait for web developer to create a website forms or surveys for your website or personal needs. Kentico helps to create hundreds of forms with just drag and drop options and can be placed in your website. With the help of this you can create a community websites for you or for your clients which helps for conversation and to explore new ideas. You can also receive the client feedback through discussion forums.

Kentico helps to create loads of interesting content very easily. You can create content such as News Letters, Campaigns and much more. A website build with kentico comes with high security and no chance of data base information harmed or getting in to the hands of third party . Kentico developers pay attention to build a highly secured CMS platform. It also supports several types of authentication likes Windows, face book, Live Id, open Id, Custom Authentication mechanism for existing database , Authentication for forms and lot more. Administrator of the website can assign the different roles with permissions. Every module of the site comes with predetermined set of permits such as Read, Modify, Delete, Approve etc., These permits can only be granted by the administrator. You can also enjoy a new feature of mass e-mailing to all users are preferred users of your website. The members of your site can be able to choose their own time zone. But , Other user can view both the time zone in the forums.

So, It is recommended to create a website using Kentico Platform to enjoy the maximum benefits by cutting all the complexity we face in the other platforms

About Ray Business Technologies:

Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd, www.raybiztech.com , is a global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. Raybiztech offers comprehensive end-to-end IT Services for Business Application Development & Maintenance, Enterprise Solutions, Testing & Quality Assurance, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing and IT Infrastructure Management to organizations in the Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Leisure & Travel, Communication, Energy & Utilities, Federal Government

Kentico 8 With Exclusive Features than ever before

The all in one Integrated marketing solution Kentico new version come with new stuff.New kentico 8 is clear, Simple and welcoming. The nonfunctional things like Gradient, colors are removed to achieve the peace of mind at work. In the latest design purposeless Graphics are restored with typography and according to WCAG recommendation all the color are available.icons and pictographs made current in the Kentico 8.

Kentico 8 has been updated with new features like integration of SharePoint & Linked In. The Internet Marketing functioning is great with Kentico 8 and is much faster and better compared to older one. It comes with enhanced control panel experiencing the user to use directly the required application that is needed. The new dashboard tiles can be set according to your flexibility to experience kentico with utmost comfort and productivity.

Exclusive in Kentico your dashboard provides real-time knowledge by viewing current data from different applications into their live tiles chosen. By cutting the complexity it became easy to monitor.Up-to-the-minute information of your website can be known in a glance with out opening all the applications.

To make sure that user getting best possible performance, Kentico also comes with advanced debugging tools helps to track all the internal operations, surveillance find and fix performance issues and detailed information about the problems to report Kentico development or support. Apart from this thing there are loads of new features involved in Kentico8

Online Forms : With out any help of a Developer or technical knowledge you can create tons of online forms by to publish in your website. Just drag drop to create forms for various uses like registration, Messages, Application and many more. With just one single click the submitted input data can exported to Excel Spread sheet. When a user submits the data in your website you can receive that data to your preferred Email. You can also set up an auto responder to the user who submits the data. The forms are displayed in tabular format. But you can use your HTML Code and can set CSS styles.

So, Kentico 8 makes work simpler and faster for Digital/Online marketers. The areas like automatic Posting in popular Social Networking sites adds a great benefit for the site owners. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Now Linked In is also a part of social supporting network . It is highly recommended to create a website using Kentico and enjoy the maximum benefits.

Digital Marketing with EPiServer

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing marketing over the last decade. For any business development or to improve the branding standards digital marketing is must. But coming days marketing should be able move quickly and easily.With the support  of EPiServer  you can improve your marketing  standards in various aspects. This system helps to advertise and measure the quality of the content across all the possible channels. Which alerts you to make a quick change and helps always to put you ahead before your competitors.

Optimize SEO Friendly Landing page by your own:-

With the help of EPiServer you can optimize a Mobile friendly Landing page . The editor helps to customize the landing page in design that you want. While setting up a campaign you can use the options of other website by just dragging in to your landing page.

  • As per our need we are able to drag and drop the content, Buttons or forms to customize our own design.
  • With the help of A/B testing feature you could measure which landing page is driving conversions.

Receive real time SEO Advice for your pages:

There are two exclusive SEO features included

  1. Text Analysis
  2. Keyword Tool

Text Analysis :-

The text entered in the EPiServer will be analyzed by the text analysis and advices the recommendation to be done to make it 100% SEO Friendly

Keyword Tool:-

The keyword tool analysis feature show us correlated words, Search Volume and competition in Google Search metrics

Share Your Content in Major Social Networking Sites :

With the help of EPiServer we could share our site updates in Top social networking sites likes

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Google Plus

We can share the updates of the sites immediately or schedule for later.EPiServer 7 CMS helps to track the social engagement from time to time and able to track re-tweets, comments and clicks. You could also connect your social media engagement with Google analytic s and configure your EPiServer dashboard to show social ROI.

This software is a unique solution for E-commerce.This It includes all the following feature like

  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile First
  • Merchandising
  • Global E-commerce
  • B2B Commerce
  • Agile Deployment

As a Digital Marketer Point of view the software helps to reduces the difficulty of marketing .  The inbuilt features like Email & Marketing automation, Self optimizing landing pages and personalization manger added more value to this software.

Article by Ray Business Technologies

About Ray Business Technologies:

Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd, www.raybiztech.com , is a global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company. Raybiztech offers comprehensive end-to-end IT Services for Business Application Development & Maintenance, Enterprise Solutions, Testing & Quality Assurance, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing and IT Infrastructure Management to organizations in the Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Leisure & Travel, Communication, Energy & Utilities, Federal Government

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